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Dr Sheromani Harripershad, Homeopath

In my opinion, I like the PharmaClinix Range because they are clinically tested, uniquely designed for specific skin conditions and have ingredients that are natural giving you the best results!

Personally I have used Scar Repairex, it is an excellent product which I recommend to patients for scarring & the results are always phenomenal. My patients have very good results with Lightenex cream. I have seen rapid reduction in pigmentation with no side-effects.

Noleen Pillay, Skin Centre
Medigate Medical Centre-Umhlanga

I am a skin care therapist and as you might know, I have dealt with a lot of products but non like the Pharmaclinix range. When I first had the opportunity to try the products I wasn't so sure about the products. I do have sensitive skin and my skin would react with any 'new' product that touches my skin. I was so amazed by the results I had from Pharmaclinix. I then recommended it to most of my clients and they love the product.

I always say, what's good for me is good for my client! And I can live up to that by saying Pharmaclinix is one of the best line of products I have worked with and tried.

Scar Repairex®

Munir Suleman, Pharmacist
JADE Pharmacy, Wembley
The Silicone based technology in Scar Repairex® is a very well- established area in the treatment of scars. I have seen the reduction in acne scars with Scar Repairex® in my customers.

Praful Radia, Pharmacist
RJ Pharmacy, Wembley
It’s the latest technology to reduce scars. I am proud to recommend Scar Repairex®.

Imran Sharif, Pharmacist Technician
Heer Pharmacy, Slough
In my opinion Scar Repairex® is the best solution to cure Acne Scarring. It really works.


Dr Neena Charkaborty, Specialist dermatologist
Fujairah UAE

I am Dr NEENA CHAKRABORTY, specialist Dermatologist in family medical centre Fujairah U A E. I am sending my comments on Lightenex® cream.

My clients have very good results with Lightenex® cream. There is a very rapid and marked reduction in pigmentation along with whitening of the skin. I am very happy with it.

Alvina Naidoo, Area Manager
Fleur de Lis Spa, Coastlands Hotel

I am in the health and wellness industry for 9 years and never have I come across a product that treats pigmentation so safely and effectively. We joined Pharmaclinix now for several months and it has since become the top selling facial treatment at our Spas, and our retail sales have grown day by day. Apart from the fact that the profit margin on Pharmaclinix beats any other facial range, the brand Management and customer support of Cosmoderma surpassed my expectations. Clients and therapists enjoy this product because it simple, uncomplicated, safe and effective. Thank you Cosmoderma for partnering with Fleur De Lis Spa and for taking us to the next level.


Melanie Govender, Satisfied Client

I have fairly good skin but as I get older, I do see small signs of pigmentation and dark spots that take long to fade. I think this is fairly common and hereditary amongst the Indian Community.

I have tried many of the major brands on the market. Every one of them did not deliver what they promised when it came to brightening and evening out skin tone. I even tried facials with mild peels, their effects are not long term and one even left me with a small scar because it was too harsh on the skin. I was a bit scared to try Lightenex because it is referred to as a skin lightening product and I was always made wary of these type of products. I was surprised at how mild Lightenex was on my sensitive skin. I had no adverse reaction to it.

After just 2 months my skin is much more even toned. I have seen a significant reduction in the dark areas on my face. In the past year or so prior to using Lightenex my skin had become very dry, so initially I  used the Moisturix as well. I have stopped using the Moisturix because my skin is no longer as dry as it used to be, these products seems to have restored my skin back to how it used to be.

The Lightenex on its own is a sufficient moisturiser. The Eyerix is also one of the better eye creams out there which actually does work on under eye circles. I really didn’t expect to see results so soon. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to even out their skin tone and maintain its good condition. It is also much more affordable than other well known brands on the market which claim to do the same thing.


Premi Naidoo, Satisfied Client

I went to the Skin Centre early this year with regards to pigmentation, I was advised on the Pharmaclinix Products. I was a bit sceptical at first but I did extensive research about the product and decided to give it a try.

I purchased the whole range and ever since being on the product I had beautiful comments about my skin tone and texture. I really enjoy using Pharmaclinix. It was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you for bringing this range to South Africa.

Keep up the good work Pharmaclinix!!

Shireen Hiralal, Owner
Glamour Beauty

Pharmaclinix skin lightening facials are going to cause a STORM in the beauty industry. 

My clients and I are getting incredible results immediately. Together with home care products, results are phenomenal. Clients with hyperpigmentation are seeing lightening  instantly - All I can say is AMAZING. As a therapist I am confident to recommend this treatment and product range to my clients.

Try it and see the difference for yourself.

Shahista, Owner
Senses Day Spa

Pharmaclinix has filled the gap in our business by providing an effective and results driven procedure for pigmentation in darker skins. As an owner, I feel confident that my client is receiving a superior treatment and as a therapist, I feel a great emotional connection helping a woman look and feel better. The peel is unlike anything I have used before. Pharmaclinix is setting a new standard in pigmentation treatment.


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